Mike (Eventing)

2.501€ - 5.000€
Gelding | 2013 | Palomino
<p>Mike was born on 30.03. in 2013 in our stud. He is a palomino, Akhal Teke gelding, whose father is Kazbek and mother is Mimi.<br />Kazbek was a pure bred Akhal Teke stallion, whose represents the Peren-line. One of his ancestor is 914 Polotli, who was the Champion of the Breed in 1973 and 1977.<br />The training of Mikes ran calmly. He could accept the bridle and the saddle easily. He is easy going.</p><p>Mikes participated in 2 hours country riding, group education and one day long tours under educated guests. After these courses he took part in his first one week long horse riding tour.<br />We began to practise with him for eventing races because of his calmness and braveness. He fulfilled very well the water, little hills and steep. After this he took part in eventing training camp, you can watch a little part below in this video. Then he participated in a traditional horse show at the summor of 2019.</p><p>He is a calm horse he could be good for young riders too.</p>

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